Body Image

Body image

There was a girl who loved herself and never let people bring her down. She always had a smile on her face and helped people out when they were feeling down. Her family always were making comments on how fat she looked or how much she ate but she was so happy with herself that she just looked away. Time passed and the comment took effect, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt ashamed on the person who was looking back. The smile that was once honest was now fake, the confidence she wore was now vague. She felt alone with no one to talk to even thought she had friends who were willing to help her out. She took a decision that change her life and destroy her in every aspect.

She decided to stop eating, a decision that destroyed her body, health, and mind. She felt as if this is what her family wanted from her, she felt as if she was doing the right thing. As she started to lose weight she started to get compliment, people kept telling her how beautiful she looked and boy started to notice her. Her family took notice and praised her on how skinny she was getting, they would say "keep doing what you're doing" but what they didn't know is that she was starving herself so they would finally accept her and tell her she's beautiful. Things were getting worst, fights with the family because she was different from the rest, trying to fit in into society, trying to make everyone happy and trying to fight what she was going through. All this emotional pain and all she wanted was to forget about it, that's when she picked up a razor and made one of the worst decisions in her life. Scars permanent on her body, a reminder of that dark time when she tried to forget her emotional pain and focus on fiscal pain, a time where what she felt was disgust towards herself, where she was afraid of looking at the mirror and a time where she hated who she was. At first it started to work but she realized what she was doing to herself and she stopped and looked for another way out. She went into a dark path were all she wanted was to sleep and never wake up but thank god, she had friends who helped her and picked her up. She looked for help and fought back. She started to learn how to love herself and to accept the body that she has. She started to ignore her family and they're comment, it took a lot of time but she learned how to. It's hard to overcome something like that but isn’t impossible.

This is something that a lot of people go through and my advice to you is go get help. One of the things that I've learned from this experience it that no one will love you more than yourself. I went back to that path again and its harder this time but I know that with time I can get better. The last time it was easier to talk to someone but trusting has always been hard for me. But no matter how bad were my trust issues I took faith and told someone and they are helping me get better. I’ve learned that no matter how hard it gets, you need to keep fighting so please don't give up. I believe in you and remember you are beautiful.