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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albizu chapter.

As summer begins to fade and school starts, it’s safe to assume that most of us, that is those who didn’t decide to sleep in on their vacations, left to travel and visit new destinations. As an experienced traveler, it’s easy to understand the complications and stressful situations that traveling can bring. From forgetting crucial traveling articles to sudden and spontaneous schedule changes throughout your trip. That is why this short but efficient guide was designed to help you plan more efficiently for your future travels.

Pack Efficiently

We know it’s easy to overpack your luggage for any trip, sometimes insisting that same clothes or accessories are necessary for your travels, especially those you never get to use. That’s why it’s convenient to know beforehand what you really need to bring. Knowing how many days your stay is will also be useful to better understand the amount of clothing you can bring. It’s always safe to bring two pants (at most) to most of your trips. If your trip is extended, you’ll be well suited with six or seven shirts; not to mention that you’ll be washing your clothes while you’re away. Also, don’t be scared in reusing them if they’re not dirty. About three pairs of shoes are enough to make your trip worthwhile (include fancy shoes if you decide to go on a night out). Take with you one or two fancy garments if your trip includes going out to some fancy activity. Don’t forget to take some underwear with you!

*Always remember that if it’s not your preference to pay an additional fee for luggage weight, don’t overpack! Besides, you’ll need extra space if you want to bring back souvenirs.

Know Your Destinations

It’s a constant challenge to visit a city or country and not know the first thing you want to do. It’s this reason why it’s a necessity to know what that place has to offer you. Look for things that you and your party (if, that is, you’re not traveling alone) can do together before touring elsewhere. It’s good to decide beforehand what you want to do and when you want to do it. If you want to learn about the country, look for local touring agencies that can guide you through the city or country’s highlights, as well as give historical details into its cultural and educational significance. If you’re afraid of saving locals where’s the best place to eat or to be around, do some research and list your preferable destinations and activities you want fulfilled during your stay. Remember to make sure the places you chose to visit or activities you decided to do are legit, in case you fear of getting scammed for your money. Also, take note of the prices of these places, in case you don’t want to lose your pre-saved money very quickly. Which leads to the next tip on this travel guide.

Have a Budget

It’s no stranger to anyone who travels to have enough money saved in your bank account for your personal spendings on your trip. If you didn’t already book your staying and hotels or Airbnb’s, then do so. It’s always good to maintain a steady trip, in terms of money spending. Knowing what to do and where to go before hand can guarantee the kind of amount of income, you’ll decide to be suitable for your travels. It’s good to also take into consideration the economical status of the country or city you’re visiting. For instance, in most places in Europe, you’re bound to discover that most places and activities tend to be expensive, more so if you have to change your currency. Usually, depending on the locations you choose to visit, and the amount of time you spend there, will you then chose your funds for your outing. Of course, know that if you’re with friends, each one should contribute economically to the trip, that is, if they’re will to participate. With family, it’s safe to organize your payments and spendings accordingly. For instance, your plane tickets, nightly stays, public transportation or car rentals, etc.

*NOTE: spend your money wisely! It’s always a good idea to return from your vacations with a little bit of your saved income on the side.

Enjoy It With Company

Though this tip will not be suited for all travelers, based on experience, it is recommended that you travel with someone, especially if you know you enjoy company. Take the time to ask your friends or family and select which people you want to add to your group of travelers. This option is also great for those who tend to be more introverted the most. If your choice is not to socialize with new people, at least be with those you know best when experiencing new things.

Have Fun on Your Trip

This is your vacation. Make the most out of it. Know that while you take this experience, anything can happen. Learn to adapt to the alternatives. Know that it’s okay to feel lost or confused when entering a new environment; take your time to adjust yourself to your surroundings and look around. It’s also safe to note that when you decide to go on vacation, not to let the worries you have at home be a part of your trip. It can turn into a hazard for you and for those that accompany you, therefore making your experience less appetizing for the rest of your stay. Enjoy the moments while they’re there in the present. And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Hopefully by following these tips, your experience during your travel will be more so pleasant. Anything can happen along the way, and most of the time it’s out of our control on what to do about it. However, we can  learn from those small moments, we can use them to grow as travelers and adventurers, and pass our lessons and experiences down to others. For the moment, enjoy it all while it’s there with those closest to you or by yourself. Safe travels!

My name is Kristel De Jesús. I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I study psychology at the Carlos Albizu University. My passions include singing, dancing, photography, and self-care routines.
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