The 10 stages of doing a group project

The 10 stages of doing a group project:


We’ve all been there, it doesn’t mean we like or enjoy it or that we meet or Best Friends for Life during the process but it’s just something we have to deal with because well, this is college and it’s part of it. You will probably have to deal with doing a group project at least once during this finals season, let’s just laugh it off before we go to a corner and cry over the fact that we have no escape from this.



1. If it isn’t you there has to be someone, at least someone that will want to boss you and everyone else around, unnecessarily and it will probably piss you off.

2. Or worse, no one has the initiative to do or say anything and you feel like stuck in the middle of it

3. When the professor randomly decides to actually assign the groups, so you get separated of the people you though would had done a decent job

4. When the deadline is close and no one replies to your emails or text messages. HELLO someone there?!?!?!?

5. Not even with assigned work they get it done and you’re stuck figuring it out plus figuring out life at 3:00 AM a Sunday 

6. When you need to explain to someone how to use google DOCS to get the job done… Seriously?

7. They can’t never meet because they have a crazy schedule, and you’re here wondering how hard could it be compared to your? (Work, volunteer project, grad school applications, family, dog and boyfriend).

8. The person that never does anything will be the one to throw the crying party to the professor, wait for it, just wait for it.

9. Of course that same person that did basically nothing will want to change everything at last minute, for no reason.

10. When you finally give your presentation and don’t ever want to see this people ever again.


Patience collegiate, it will be over before you know it.