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Zodiac Signs

By Brianna Mirabal

Relationships in this day in age often tend to seem like a difficult thing to start up. The reasoning for this of course includes so many issues that start with trust issues, insecurities, and many more. But the one thing that has become a popular way to “scout out” who you think would be a good or bad match for you, is by knowing your partner’s zodiac sign.

Nowadays, people spark up conversations by starting with, “What’s your zodiac sign?” And if they say a zodiac sign that the person thinks won’t be a right move for him/her, they say something petty like “Yikes” or “Oh God, I can’t mess with you”. I’ve seen people get along with a person so well in every way possible and sill end up dubbing them because of something so irrelevant as their zodiac sign. When are people going to realize that picking your relationships based of astrology’s will leave you hopeless?


I myself believe that the whole concept of leaving someone, or even befriending someone because of their zodiac sign is absolutely idiotic. We as a society need to learn how to develop raw, natural relationships with people again. Yes, zodiac’s can be convincing, but at the end of the day, I believe that a person can form a

real relationship on his/her own, without the need of looking online for compatibility scores. All we need to do, is get off our phones, and communicate a little more with the person or people we’re interested in.

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