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You Procrastinated, Didn’t You?

Every semester I have a set out a resolution for myself, which is to not procrastinate. I keep telling myself, “You don’t want to end up like last semester again, don’t do it to yourself this time. Start early, make a plan and stick with it.”

I, in fact, did not stick with it.

I find that most people make this plan in the second semester of the academic year. New year, new semester, new mindset, right? WRONG. New year, new semester, same old me, same bad habits and same old stress.

This time, I was determined to follow through with this resolution.

I finally bought a planner. I thought, “Okay, buying new supplies motivates me, so maybe this planner will motivate me to jot down everything I have to do instead of taking mental notes. It will stare at me in the face until I complete it.” But I, in fact, was not motivated to write in that planner. It served as a mere desk decoration in my room for Snapchat and Instagram.

I planned to go to office hours more. Yeah… until I thought “wow, I just want to sleep in. Why do they have office hours on my sleep-in days?” I know, so bad.

I planned out so many things, but here I am with 20 assignments, 3 exams, 2 papers and a project due all in one week.  This buildup could’ve been avoided if I had started my assignments earlier since they were assigned on the first day of classes. I could’ve used those office hours to feel prepared for my exams instead of having to cram while trying to complete all of my assignments.

And my papers? Well, those were inevitable.

But will I learn for next time. Probably not. Because a college student’s life cycle is based on procrastination the majority of the time and without it, what would we really be doing?

So am I really doing that bad?

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