You Can't Sit With Us

Have you ever felt excluded from a group because of your status? Like you don't have the type of connections others have, with people in a group. Why is that ? Why can’t a woman sit with other women who are intelligent and educated? Why do people assume that you don't have the same credentials they have? Is it because the color of your skin? The way you dress? The way you talk or comprehend the world? Why does your appearance get judged before you even open your mouth?  Why do you have to feel embarrassed when someone tells you, “You can't sit here.”

Why not? You are just as equal to them as they are to you. We go to the same school. We are in the same organization. We are affiliated with the same circles, so why is it at formal events, people act strange? It is not good to act like people from different circles can’t all be united as one. People don't know what one is capable of. Their history is what made that person the way they are today. They put time and effort to be where they are right now. One woman is just as intelligent as the next. So please don't make any woman feel like she is not worthy and don’t make her feel like she doesn't have what it takes, because baby she does. She is what you call an underdog. You will underestimate her, but when she comes out on top you will know her name and wish you offered her a seat at the table. People will regret the day they told her, “You can’t sit here.”