Wife or Side Chick?

    Fellas, why do you always want to have your cake and eat it too? You either have a girlfriend/wife or you just have someone who you occasionally hook up with. You can’t have both. Once you get into a relationship, make it known that you’re in one. Post your girlfriend and talk about her. Make her relevant to these side chicks out here trying to be in the mix. If you don’t they will start getting comfortable and disrespectful. You can’t have a girlfriend and a side chick because that’s when you will get caught up. Guys think they know what they are doing, but nope negative. Wrong answer! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. If he tells you he is “just chilling” but is posting the same girl on social media, he is in a RELATIONSHIP. Guys if a relationship is not what you want, then make that known in the beginning. If you do, then stick to one girl and one girl only. It’s not fair to us ladies out here catching feelings and y’all only want one thing. Guys think they are smart, but introducing the side chick to their best friend, not at all. You shouldn’t be this comfortable with the situation. Then guys start to lie and make stupid excuses; all of a sudden they have amnesia. To us women, there’s no in between. Being a side chick is not cute and looks dumb as hell. Side chicks aren’t the girlfriends; they are SIDE CHICKS. The girls you have in the back burner when you and your girlfriend get into a fight or break up. Fellas treat your girlfriend/wife like a QUEEN and into bad girls because in the end that’s where you messed up. They will flip the switch on you so quickly; you wouldn’t even know what hit you. They’ll start playing your game a little differently and have you thinking your mind is playing tricks on you. KARMA IS A REAL. So pick ONE. Numéro Uno. Wife or Side Chick?