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Thanksgiving Dinner with the Parents

Thanksgiving is coming soon and your significant other has invited you to dinner with their parents. You’re very nervous about meeting them for the first time, besides first impressions are everything. Just follow these rules and remain calm. Meeting parents sounds stressful but I’ll help get you through it.

Here are some guidelines:


Smile. This probably seems like common sense but when the nerves hit us we forget to smile. Don’t force a smile; make sure that it’s genuine. Some studies show that when you smile it causes your mind to think that you’re in a great mood, which relieves stress. Smiling also makes you more approachable, which will work fantastic in your favor.


Do your research. Ask your significant other about his/her family. Find out about their personality, their likes and dislikes so you know what to avoid doing when it’s time to meet them. It’s just like trying to land a job at the company you want to work for, you need to know the history so you can use the information you find out as an upper hand. You have to put in some kind of effort. Doing your research also helps find out if you have any common interests so you will be able to discuss those topics at the dinner table.


Be on time. Be courteous of other’s time. Don’t be fashionably late; you want to be able to make the best impression you can. Plan everything ahead, pick your outfit the night before, run your errands the day before so you can feel refreshed and less stressed when you show up to the parent’s home.


Bring a gift. Bringing a gift isn’t mandatory. But it doesn’t look well on your part if you show up empty handed. Your significant other can help you with this part. Nothing too expensive, something like their favorite bottle of wine or even flowers for the mother is a plus.


Look presentable. Don’t dress like you’re going to the club with your friends. This is the time to make a good impression. Wear something that suits you. Ladies, make sure your makeup looks as natural as possible. Natural beauty is the best. We know you want to be your laid-back self, but now is not the time to roll out of bed and throw together an outfit. Take some pride in getting yourself together. You'll actually be able to relax more if you feel clean and look fresh.


Hope this helps! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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