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Even though this month is coming to an end, February will always be unofficially dubbed as “the month of love.” It’s also dubbed as the month of a materialistic holiday meant for consumers to spend money and producers to profit off of pink hearts and candy. To most, this is known as Valentine’s Day.


But for those who completely reject this capitalistic materialism or refuse to believe that true love actually exists (or both), Galentine’s Day, the lesser-known sister of Valentine’s Day, is a good option. And the best part about Galentine’s Day? It can be any day, not just February 13th. Because Galentine’s Day is for supporting women and it’s always a good idea to do that any month.


So here’s a couple local organizations in Albany to celebrate Galentine’s Day:


  1. League of Women Voters:


The League of Women Voters is an Albany-centered organization that focuses on the power of women in democracy. They involve themselves in all kinds of issues, such as immigration, climate change, and equal rights amendments. They also create/promote programs in Albany and offer education and training for civics and ecommunications.


To find the League of Women Voters, visit https://www.lwvalbany.org or at their location at 62 Grand St, Albany, NY, 12207


      2. Mercy House:


Mercy House is women and children’s shelter and charity. It has a total of 19 beds and 2 transitional beds and welcome those who need it.


To find Mercy House, call their number at 518-434-3531 or visit their location at 12 St. Joseph’s Terrace, Albany, NY 12210.


      3. Planned Parenthood:


Despite all the controversy over PP and the de-funding by our failing government administration, Planned Parenthood isn’t just an “abortion clinic.” It centers on women’s health and well being while as well as performing abortions. It’s a good central support system for women everywhere, especially women who can’t afford good healthcare or healthcare in general.


To find Planned Parenthood, visit https://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/new-york/albany/12206/albany-health-center-3336-91020, call their number at 518.434.5678, or visit their location at 855 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12206


      4. Women’s Employment and Research Center:


The Women’s Employment and Research Center is a not-for/profit that focuses on advancing and helping with the success of women in Albany. Since 1988, WERC has helped 8,000 women find work who previously couldn’t because of death, disability, divorce, etc.


To find WERC, visit https://www.cdwerc.org, call them at 518.242.8249, or visit their location at 175 Central Ave #3, Albany, NY, 12206


All of these organizations assist women in several areas, yet aren’t often promoted. If you wish to donate or assist at any of these four places, please visit their websites or contact a representative.


A special thanks to Stephany Solis for providing some of these places and their contact information.

Haley is a freshman at SUNY Albany who relies on wit, naps, and a copious amount of M&M's to survive. She's frequently the first to dance at parties and is almost always down for midnight adventures with her friends. She's a Social Welfare major who believes that red lipstick can be a cure for everything, is willing to try every food at least once, and loves movie nights more than anything.
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