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The story of a TrUAnsfer

I began my journey as a student at UAlbany in the Fall of 2016. Alumni Quad became my home in August. There were many changes to come and I was completely unaware of them. Each transfer student has their own story. For some, they were unhappy at their previous school; while for others, community college was the best route straight out of high school. Some students dorm at their community college while others still live at home. During my two years at a community college, I lived at home. Coming to UAlbany brought about great changes in my life. Suddenly I had to do my own laundry, I had a stranger sleeping approximately 5 feet away from me, and I was subjected to eating chemically infused food.

My first independent loads of laundry were not so independent. My mom was always on the other end of the phone as I asked her what buttons to press and if it is okay to wash my towels with cold water. My roommate was far from any of the roommates featured in horror stories. The only scary thing about her was the poster she had of her pet cat from home. Food from the dining hall will never get easy. Thursday night specials consist of buffalo chicken wraps (they are my saving grace). The sandwich station man and I formed a fast friendship. The communal bathroom was quite the adjustment and I never imagined a day when handicapped showers would become a luxury. I had only ever heard of a shower caddy on Jersey Shore and now mine was my best friend. The moral is the changes that come along with dorm living force us to adjust to discomfort.

There are some things about being a transfer student that can be the same at any school, but there are special things about being transferring to UAlbany. There is a fountain to sit around, tunnels to get lost in, and Damien the Great Dane to see. In the tunnels just look for the closest door and get out while you can. There are fast vehicles and if you are jamming out with your headphones on you will not hear their honks. Living downtown on the transfer quad and without a car, there is the CDTA to ride. Do not try and check the bus schedule because there is a good chance it will not be there on time. The SUNY Card is essential. Suddenly, it is normal to sit amongst many other students, especially in LC (lecture center) 18. Your professors will not know your name unless you are in their email inbox every other day. Bubbling your ID number on your Scantron will get old very easily… but this is your new identity. There are things as Great Danes that we all go through, just at different times. Having been here for a whole semester and a half now, I am no longer be a transfer… I am now a student at the University at Albany.

Social Work Major and Junior at the University at Albany
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