Stephen Kings "IT" comes to Albany

We’ve all seen the movie “IT” right? It’s a Stephen King classic focused around a serial killing clown. For those who are even remotely scared of clowns this article is not for you…

Stephen King’s “IT” is coming to life and we are starting to feel like we are in a horror movie. Clown sightings have been the talk of social media for about 2-3 months now and we aren’t so sure why clowns started being a problem to begin with. The first clown sighting “began with a little boy at a low-income apartment complex in Greenville, South Carolina” (Teague, 2016). Ever since that initial sighting the threatening clowns have been migrating further north. Now, the clowns have yet to be reported as involved in a homicide or kidnaping but we wouldn’t put it past the not so friendly beings. Thus far the clowns have been seen standing motionless in the middle of the woods, in the backyards of homes or walking along the side of the road, all doing so at night time. My initial thoughts were they’d never come up to Albany, what’s out here for them? I was completely wrong. To my knowledge the latest sighting was at Clifton Park about a 25-40 minute drive from SUNY Albany campus. It’s also been rumored that the threatening clowns have made their way onto campus scaring people by the Poly-Sci grave yard, just a mile or so from my home. My first question is out of the things people could dress up as, why did they choose clowns? Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year but this time around I’m not so up for the costumes and haunting experience. Police and other local officials are advising parents to keep their kids inside during the holiday, which means no trick or treating for the young ones. 

Just some advice…

  1. Try not to go out at night alone
  2. Always carry some form of protection  
  3. Phone a friend if you see anything suspicious
  4. If you see a clown, RUN

Stay safe on Halloween guys.