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The Stages of Spring Break as Told by Bulldogs

There’s always a build up to Spring Break that involves midterms and coursework and stressful packing. But with just one week left until it’s finally here, we thought we’d help you with that last push of school work and bring you the different stages that occur during Spring Break but through the images of bulldogs.

Sunshine and cute dogs, what more could you possibly want from us?

1. Booking Your Trip

You get the dates for Spring Break and immediately head to the laptop with your credit card ready to do some booking.

2. Choosing the Playlist for your Journey

In the heat of the moment of actually booking the trip everything becomes Spring Break related. You make a Spotify playlist immediately with songs that will be your jam while away.

3. Midterms

Back to reality for a second, you realise you’ve got four midterms to get through before you can think about Spring Break again.

4. Packing

Midterms are done and you can finally think about what you’re going to be wearing on the beach. Tonnes of outfits are tested to make sure you’re looking 100% on fleek for the week.



You’ve finally made it. You’re on your way to your destination of choice for a week of sun, sea, fun, and most probably heavy drinking. WOO HOO!

6. Hitting the Beach

Bikini on, shades ready, you hit the beach for a day of sun and relaxing.

7. Getting your Drink on

Oh the freedom of Spring Break! A week of being allowed to not think of anything Albany related and so your mind turns to partying. Time to get your party on!

8. Trying Something New

You’re away from Albany, you see cheap scuba diving, you take the risk. Spring Break is all about letting your hair down and trying new things, whether you’re good at it or not.

9. The Sunburn Realisation

After a few days of sunning it up, the sad realization is that you’re horrifically sunburnt because you just tanned too hard. It’s sitting in the shade from now on for you.

10. It’s Time to Return

And sadly the week was just not long enough and its time to head back to Albany. BOO!

11. The Recollection of your Week

Oh the horror! Oh the shame! Your escapades of Spring Break become the topic of conversation now you’ve returned to Albany and there’s nothing to do.

12. Back to Work

The sad reality is that we have another half of a semester to get through before summer is here. But we don’t want to go!


(Photo courtesty: Google Images, Instagram)

Anna is a 3rd year English and American Studies student at the University of Nottingham. She is currently doing a year abroad at the University at Albany in New York and is now a Campus Correspondent for HC Albany. She has been an online journalist for a number of websites but is now dedicated to the HC team. Anna is hoping to pursue a career in journalism or publishing after finishing university and wants the fast paced life of inner-city living. Coffees for breakfast and cocktails for dinner.
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