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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

Do you really love me


I haven’t had many conversations with myself 


I don’t really know

Thought nothing would ever 

Phase me

But here we are

Now when I look stars

All I see is your heart

Do you realize I’m never very far from you


And trust me when I say

Nothing you could ever do 

Would make me stop loving you

It’s really hard to say

Never been this way

No one gets second chances

No, not with me

Oh god

When I think of you all I hear is 

Love songs

My head’s a radio that never 

Turns off

Plays your name on repeat until 

I’m knocked

Now tell me do you feel the same

I’m not here to play silly games

We’re running out of time today

Tell me before you 

Light up

I want to hear your 

Sober thoughts

Do you really love me