There is no bond like the one that is shared between siblings. There are many different types of sibling relationships. For some, a sibling is their best friend, while for others they are just someone that happens to live under the same roof. Whether there is a prefix before the word brother or sister such as “half” or “step,” a sibling should be someone you can always rely on.

There is something different about a sibling bond that cannot be comparable to any friendship. Some friendships are so close that we consider them to be like a brother or sister, but that proves the strength of the bond. A sibling is present through many major milestones during the course of your life. It may be the first time the tooth fairy came or the time you were grounded for a poor report card. Siblings understand how corny Dad’s jokes may be or how great Mom’s chicken parm is. At times, there were even color coordinated outfits so the pictures came out better. Forgive your siblings for the times when they would not get out of your room if friends were over. Now you can realize all they wanted was to spend time with you. Some siblings came into your life at a later time, whether they grew up in another household, or a new marriage brought them into your life. It is never too late for these relationships to develop.

As everyone posted on social media for National Sibling day, I took some time to reflect on my relationship with my brother. My brother is my best friend. I was six years old when he came into this world and we have been inseparable ever since. My brother inspires me to be a better person, makes me laugh even if I feel my world is crashing and is one of the only people I can truly be myself around. I understand that the nature of my relationship with my sibling is not the same in everyone else's’ case. With that said, I hope I can inspire at least one person to mend a relationship with their sibling if it is not the best. There are certain levels siblings relate to, that others will never understand. I am grateful for the bond I have with my sibling.