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Say her name- Keneeka Jenkins

As a woman, it’s hard to hear about another women in the news or on social media being a victim of rape. It’s cringing to even hear that they were raped and killed. Keneeka Jenkins, a 19 year old native of Chicago, was found in a hotel freezer. This whole story as it is tragic, it is very sketchy.

Keneeka was at a hotel party for her best friend’s birthday when it was said a group of guys came over who were said to have beef with Kenneka’s brother. Now this article is not to go into the facts about what happened because this whole situation is too confusing and no one is coming forward with the truth; this article is to talk about another victim and bring to light a bigger issue. How many more are we going to lose to senseless acts such as rape and murder.

What is the value of another Black girl’s life to anyone? What is the value of another Black mother’s cry? It’s so interesting to see how many people were making comparisons to other victims who have been through senseless acts. The fact that no one has come forward with the truth is horrible.

I am not a mother but I know that even as a person you would want to know what happened to your own child and who was responsible for it. What makes it worse is that her so called best friends haven’t said anything about the situation or come forward to the police. Scared or not, if you had nothing to do with the situation then at least give the family a sense of peace of mind. As a best friend I wouldn’t be able to not tell my friend’s mother what happened. I did read that the best friend of Keneeka Jenkins, Irene Roberts, was the one that had set up for her friend being raped when offered $200. This troubles me because as a Black women I just feel as though we aren’t suppose to bring a fellow sister down, but build each other up.

As much division the United States is going through we do not need this type of division in the Black community, especially not among our women. It breaks my heart to see that not an ounce of value was seen in this young woman’s life from her so called best friend. There was no love, no emotion, and no concern. There needs to be justice for Keneeka Jenkins. She was and still is valued. Our Black women lost were valued and still are valued. The police need to do more then what they’re doing now and figure out what happened. This is not just a case that should be swept under the rug. #JusticeforKennekaJenkins

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