Refresh Your Curls Today!

Has your hair been giving you trouble lately?  Try out these simple steps and see some improvement today!

1. Stop using any heat on your hair! 

The more heat you use on your hair the more damaged that your hair will become. 

2. Let it go.

Cut off any damage in your hair, especially the ends.  Keeping damaged hair around can actually cause more harm to your hair.  Split ends rise up and cause your hair to shed. 

3. Do not use shampoo as often, co-wash instead. 

Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, which will cause your hair to become more dry. Co-wash (washing your hair with conditioner), instead.  Conditioner has the similar cleansing properties of shampoo! 

4. When you do shampoo, use a sulfate free shampoos! 

Shampoos containing sulfates will dry your hair out.  Make sure to check the ingredients before buying!

5. Use natural and curl friendly products.

This means products, which do not contain silicone, parabens, or alcohols.  Silicones will block your hair strands from receiving moisture, and alcohol will dry your hair out! 

6. Deep condition twice a week  

Deep conditioning is extremely important to restore moisture into your hair. Deep conditioning once a week will do the job, but if you can deep condition twice a week your hair will thank you.  

7. Finger detangle  

Using a comb or brush will cause more breakage and stress on your hair shaft and cause breakage. Using your fingers will minimize breakage because you can actually feel the knot and detangle it.  

8. Pre poo 

Since shampoo is very drying to your hair, you can pre poo with your favorite oil.  An example of this is putting coconut oil into your hair 30 minutes prior to washing it, and letting it sit in.  

9. Drink one gallon of water a day 

Drinking water is beneficial for your overall health in and out.   

10. Be patient  

Change doesn’t happen over night and neither does growth!

11. Hot oil treatment once a week 

Grab an oil or blend different oils together, place them into a bowl and place the bowl into hot water and then massage the oil into your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap, and leave it for about 30 minutes. This will give your hair moisture and shine.  

12. Pineapple bun to sleep  

When sleeping with your hair in a pineapple versus out, or a regular bun, your curls will stay in place, and your hair overall avoids damage. 

13. Bonnet, scarf, or pillow case  

Sleeping with your hair on a cotton pillowcase will cause your hair to become dry and prone to breakage, as cotton has drying properties.  Opt for a silk bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase to combat this.

14. Massage and your scalp everyday 

Massing your scalp will increase the blood circulation in your scalp, which leads to growth.  

15. Oil your scalp and massage it twice a week  

While massaging your scalp you can add in oils like tee tree oil, and peppermint oil to stimulate your scalp further.