The New Face for Millennials

Let’s talk about Black Girl Magic!

Yara Shahidi, a 17-year old actress and activist who is set to attend Harvard University in 2018, is killing the game all over social media! Many may recognize her from her appearance in Imagine That with Eddie Murphy, or from ABC’s hit series Blackish.  Yara has recently become popular over her Instagram account, and has just been listed on Forbes 30 under 30 in Hollywood. Yara has also been recognized for her strong voice on politics, Black Lives Matter and the Women’s movement. Besides Zendaya, Yara’s positive influence and knowledge led her to become the face of the #BlackGirlsMagic Movement and the role models of many young girls out there from all over.

The beauty and fashion industry is a fast growing industry that is getting so much recognition; Yara is working on promoting more diversity in the beauty and fashion industry. She wants to make this industry an inclusive place for all and recently she partnered with Clean & Clear to promote diversity within the beauty community and for young women. During her partnership with Clean & Clear, Yara Shahidi said,

“It’s not that I want to be the face of black girls, but I’m hoping I can be one of the many faces that ends up here [in beauty campaign], That’s what I love. Because so much of [confidence] come from seeing yourself reflected and I have the great fortune of seeing myself reflected in both Iranian women and black ones. To be one of those faces for girls is really cool and surreal to think about.”

She couldn’t have said this any better.  Imagine being in her position, and being able to be the face for young black women.  It is important for diversity to be promoted within this industry because it will help girls feel more confident in their own skin and it will allow them to stop turning to social media to define what beauty is.

Yara is not only trying to promote diversity in the beauty campaign but as a teen activist she is raising awareness of both racism and women right’s through social media. She has been awarded all over for the BET Young Stars Award and the Essence “Generation Next,” Award for her knowledge and black excellence. She wants to have a big impact on the global community and be able to contribute and help fix these social injustices that are reoccurring in today’s society. Her role as an artist and activist is to “disrupt, create and re-mold” today’s world as she said in her speech when receiving her award at Essence.

I think many young women, including myself, have been drawn in by her unique mind and the way that she carries herself as a 17-year old teenager. She is just one amazing individual who deserves to be the face of many young black girls today, and is the perfect role model for many millennials to look up to in this generation. Yara Shahidi is a great example of what this generation of young millennials need.