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It was a cold and windy October night in a city of New York called Batavia. The sky was pitch black. The campus of Genesee Community College was dry like a desert. There was no one in sight. Everyone was locked away in his or her dorm rooms. In dorm room 3B, Jessica and Mia were eating dinner in their kitchen table. While eating and discussing calculus homework, they heard a scream come from the next room. Jessica and Mia got up from the kitchen table quietly to check out who was screaming. They opened the room door slowly and saw their roommate China on the floor crying.  

“China what happened? Mia said. Why are you crying”?  

“They took him. He’s gone! China said. I need 2,000 to get him back”. 

“Omg but wait whose they, Mia said. Who called you and why do they want 2,000 dollars”? 

“They didn’t mention names but it sounded like male voices, China said. The 2,000 dollars is for the ransom money. I need to have it by 10pm or Nick is dead”. 

“How are you supposed to get 2,000 dollars in two hours, Jessica said. Where did they say to meet with the money”? 

“By the red barn up the hill. I don’t know how I am going to get the money; Mia cried out. I don’t even have 2,000 dollars. I am in debt with student loans”. 

“Okay well I have a plan, Jessica said. How about we tricked the kidnappers”? 

“What! Are you crazy”? Mia and China said simultaneously. 

“We can get killed Jessica, Mia said, and Nick will die as well”. 

“Lets just stick to my plan, Jessica said. Besides it’s Halloween. We should have fun tonight”. 

All three girls paced back and forth in the living room, waiting until it was time to meet the kidnappers. The clocked said 9:50pm and the girls rushed to leave and raced to the barn. The barn looked abandoned and filthy. Mia heard Nick’s voice as he yelled out “HELP”! 

“NICK! NICK! IT’S ME, China said. Where are you”? 

Mia and China saw Nick tied up to a chair with duct tape covering his mouth. He was all sweaty and his clothes were torn. Mia ran up to Nick and untied him. Jessica disappeared like the wind. Mia stood still not knowing what to do. All of a sudden China and Mia heard a deep voice that said, “Where’s the money”? Both girls turned around and saw that it was the kidnappers. There were 3 people standing behind Mia and China: Two tall males and one short female; The female was Jessica.  

“Jessica you betrayed us, Mia said. How could you? Why would you do that us”? 

“Yeah, Jessica I cannot believe you, China said. I thought we were your friends”. 

“Oh blah blah please, Jessica said. I told ya’ll it was Halloween and we should have fun. Now move away from Nick and give the kidnappers the money”. 

“WHAT! Mia said. You know we don’t have the money. It was your idea to trick the kidnappers”. 

“Yeah she is right, China said. Can’t believe you set this whole thing up”. 

One of the male kidnappers pulled out a shotgun and said, “Since you don’t have the money all of you are going to die”. 

China was scared and started to cry. Mia ran up on Jessica , pushed her and started punching and kicking her. Jessica, somehow, got Mia in a headlock, but Mia was able to get out of the headlock and kept punching Jessica over and over again. While Mia and Jessica were fighting, the kidnappers held China and Nick at gunpoint. Nick and China started kicking the kidnappers asses’. Nick tried to take the gun away but it went off. Nick shot the kidnapper. Nick shot the other guy as well. Jessica and Mia stopped fighting. Jessica rushed over to the bodies and yelled out,  

“Look what you did; you shot them!” 

 “They were going to kill all of us, Nick said. Now back away from them before I shoot your ass too”. 

“I’m calling the police”, Mia said.  

A police car and paramedic arrived right away. The paramedics covered the dead bodies. A detective arrived to question Mia and China. They explained to the detective that their friend Nick was kidnapped and their roommate Jessica was in on it. The two male kidnappers were unidentified. Jessica was sent to jail. After the girls finished answering questions, they all walked backed to their dorms and went to bed. 


My name is Omni Cierra Latimer. I am 23 years old. I am a Leo. My passion is writing and I want to work for a blog in the future.
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