My First Night with You

It was too soon, so I was skeptical to spend the night with you. We had just met a few days prior so I was all in my head about if I should go or not. You texted me your address so I said why not and asked my mom to drive me. I called you to let you know I was 10 minutes away. When I arrived, you came outside to greet my mom and me. First you gave me a hug that felt so warm, being that it was so cold outside, then you introduced yourself to my mom with a hug. She was concerned about my safety, but you promised her I was in good hands. We went inside and walked to your room. I got a feeling that you were nervous because of the way you were fixing your bed. When I asked if you were nervous, you said no but deep down I was so nervous. At the same time I knew I was safe. I hung up my coat and you gave me a tour of your house. The house was so big and beautiful. I felt in my soul that this house was owned by a loving family so then my worries started to fade away. After the tour we shared some personal stories with one another, which I thought was too soon because like I said we just met a few days prior. As I’m sharing my story I see you looking into my eyes like you’re trying to read my mind or picture yourself there. You started asking me questions that I couldn’t really answer. When I asked you about your situation you were hesitant to answer. It felt like you didn’t know what to say or you didn’t want to talk about it with me. I felt your distance so I changed the subject. I helped you rearrang things in your room and you seemed like you were happy. You needed my help or my presence there at the moment. The thought of me helping someone is thoughtless because I don’t help anyone. I think of myself selfish, but when it came to you I wasn’t anymore. We got to know each other a little more. I didn’t want to give too much information out because I barely knew you. The sentences just kept coming out and I found myself just talking and talking into conversation. You told me you wanted to see what was in my heart and not my body and I thought “boy you spitting game”, but what I really said was “okay cool.” I didn’t really know if you were serious or not so I let the cards play out. You asked me if I would have dinner with you and I said yes. The way you asked me is if you needed me to stay. You had a big smile on your face that made me smile. So why would I not say yes. Us having dinner together was so cute and romantic. I didn’t care how I ate or if I had food stuck in my teeth. That moment felt normal and I felt like I knew you for years. I was so comfortable with you. Surprisingly you seemed comfortable with me too. We watched a documentary and then fell asleep. You fell asleep first and I was able to hear your heartbeat and hear the way you breathe. You held me as you slept and once again my worries were gone. I felt safe in your arms. My eyes begin to slowly close as you held me tighter. Moments later we woke up and you asked me if I was okay. I said yes. I told you I fell asleep and you were happy at the fact we slept together. You gave me a kiss on the forehead and we continued to watched the documentary. You fell asleep again but this time I didn’t. When you woke up I told you I was ready to go. As I walked out you told me to let you know when I was home. The way you said it was as if you cared about me and my safety. I could feel it because when I arrived home I cried my first tears of joy. My first night with you.