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Music Artist Bryson Tiller Breaking the Music Scene

About a year or two ago, Bryson Tiller could be defined as a young father in his twenties, who has a daughter, Harley Tiller and who worked three part-time jobs at Papa Johns, UPS & a moving company just to make a living. He could also have been defined as a determined, underground artist trying to break through to the music industry. Tiller recalls in various interviews the turning point of his life, the moment he uploaded his hit single “Don’t” to the media outlet, Sound Cloud.  He mentioned how two of his friends gave him $600 to purchase the equipment used to record the song. In an interview with Revolt TV Bryson Tiller says,“I was eager to make that song because I hadn’t recorded a song in over a year or two. I stopped doing music to focus on a job to take care of my daughter. So I finally got some money from some friends, $600 to buy studio equipment. I bought it all off eBay and put it in my living room”.  Now, “Don’t” has more than 20 million plays on Sound Cloud and he has since then released an LP entitled “TRAP SOUL” named after his unique genre of music.

 Tillers definition has almost unexpectedly changed in just a short amount of time. He can now be identified as the upcoming artist bound to blow up the nations hottest charts, currently living out of a suitcase because he is in such high demand across the country. Although there are many of us who know of Bryson, there are just as many people who don’t know about this amazing artist. So you guys don’t miss out, here are 5 things you should know about Bryson Tiller!


1. Bryson Tiller is only 22 years old and was born January 2nd 1993 (He’s a Capricorn Ladies).

2. Tiller turned down an offer to sign with OVO Sound (Drake’s Record label).

3. He refers to himself as the “cultured nerd” because he likes Sci Fi movies & Anime.

4. He is actually REALLY SHY.

5. Omarion is a major musical influence for him


Her Campus Albany will continue to keep an eye out for this legend in the making, but for now check out “Trap Soul” on iTunes right here



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