Japan Fun Facts!

How much do you know about Japan?  Here are 5 facts!

The Toilets:

The toilets in Japan have different options some for water, and others for sound. There is an option of sound on the toilet to prevent the noise of you using the restroom can be your heard by others. There are also several options for the water splash from a small squirt to a stronger squirt then a more potent squirt. Then the last option is the water running straight up.  toilet.

Clean country:

All over Japan the streets are clean. The police are very strict on loitering so people do not liter in Japan. Although they do not have garbage cans readily available everywhere people know better than to throw their garbage on the streets, they rather hold on to it until they find a garbage can.

Signature drink:

All over Japan there is free green tea (matcha) everywhere. Similar to the way we have water fountains that provide us with free water, they have free green tea stations. Green tea is very important to in Japanese culture because of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Country wide norms:

People in Japan do not steal for the most part. For example, when going into a retail store you can leave your umbrellas in the front and return back to your umbrella still being there. Another example is parking your bike without a lock even with items in your basket and everything will still be there.3. Tiny:

In Japan things were smaller in comparison to the United States. For example, during lunch or dinner at the restaurants we would get served our drink in 4oz cups. We then learned to ask for American size which was a big 16oz cup.