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It’s been a long time since I’ve felt grounded in my beingRunning away from my problems is a skillI’ve perfected over the yearsEscapism is a funny thingMomentary relief results in prolonging painProlonging the problems that could be easily fixed by a conscious mindAnxiety is a funny thingIt’s never rightYet it captures me every timeAnd makes me feel like running is the only way to feel alrightBut not anymoreI won’t shrink myself just to deal with unpleasant thoughtsI won’t run away from myselfI will care about myself the way I care about everyone elseHow can I claim to love others if I can’t show love to myself?It’s time to prioritize the only person who will be with me foreverAnd who has been with me from the startSome will call me selfish,But it’s my life and I will live it the way I please
I will be the woman my younger self wanted me to becomeUnburdened by dangerous thoughts or strangers’ opinions,Or unhealthy habits and useless obsessionsI will be the woman I so desperately want to beIt’s no longer about everyone elseIt’s all about meI will find freedom in my authentic selfI will be honest and I will be kindAnd best of allI will be me.
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