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How UAlbany Students Relieve Midterm Stresses

Midterms are right around the corner, so I did an interview with current UAlbany student, Imani Rambert to find out from her how she relieves some of her Midterm Stresses... 

Me: On average how many midterms do you take a semester? 

Imani: About 5, sometimes more and sometimes less. 

Me: Do you feel you have enough time to prepare for all of them equally? 

Imani: No, because the majority of my midterms are given during the same week. Then on top of that I have homework and extracurricular things to do. 

Me: Do you, at times find yourself dedicating more time to one midterm over another? 

Imani: Yes, I focus on the harder classes because those classes are worth more credits. 

Me:  How do you relieve some of the stress you feel from studying for midterms ?

Imani: I cry it out (lol)

Me: Do you haven any tips for freshman who are taking college level midterms for the first time? 

Imani: Have someone to vent to! 


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Ashanti Dunn

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