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The Her Campus Survival Guide to Spring Break

With Spring Break just around the corner and a distant memory of warmer times, we know everyone is looking forward to getting out of Albany and heading to various glamorous destinations. But before you all jet off, there’s still the packing to do and we’ve found five items you can’t leave behind!

1.       Not Your Mother’s ‘Clean Freak’ Shampoo and Conditioner

“A shampoo that’s good for you, your hair and the environment.” It says it all on the bottle, an eco-friendly formula that doesn’t use chemicals to clean your hair. Just what is needed when you’re being exposed to the harsh sun for a week. With a great minty smell, it’s an essential in our suitcases for keeping our hair full of moisture and looking shiny.

2.       Sun Screen

An obvious choice, but essential nonetheless!! Using all day lotions such as Piz Buin is a great way to stay safe in the sun without the hassle of reapplying but go for a higher factor in this case. Nothing ruins a holiday like sunburn, so being over cautious is never a bad thing.

3.       Completely Bare Bikini & Body Wax Strips

Offering long-lasting, professional results, these DIY waxing kits are a god send. Especially after the winter months of keeping your leg hair as an extra layer of warmth! They’re simple to use; just warm the strips up in your hands, apply where needed and pull. They’re really good for first time users and especially for on-the-go Spring Break activity.

4.       Personal Alarm

On a slightly more serious note, rape alarms are a must when travelling alone as a group of girls! It could be your life saver and isn’t very heavy so there’s no excuses as to why you haven’t got one. Staying safe is going to make your holiday a whole lot better!

5.       A Good Book

There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach with your shades on and a gripping read. And what better to read about than this summer’s blockbuster starring Dave Franco. That’s why this Spring Break we’re reading Shane Kuhn’s “The Intern’s Handbook”, the tale of assassin turned invisible intern John Lago. The only thing better than having an interesting internship yourself is reading about the dodgy characters you’ve come across at work.

Wherever you lucky people are going this Spring Break, make sure you stay safe and – more importantly – look fabulous!


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                           1, 4, 5 – Anna Brown

Anna is a 3rd year English and American Studies student at the University of Nottingham. She is currently doing a year abroad at the University at Albany in New York and is now a Campus Correspondent for HC Albany. She has been an online journalist for a number of websites but is now dedicated to the HC team. Anna is hoping to pursue a career in journalism or publishing after finishing university and wants the fast paced life of inner-city living. Coffees for breakfast and cocktails for dinner.
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