Going Back to Square One

Square one is a concept created in the human mind. It is not tangible nor can it be seen. Rather, it is a principle that people developed in order to create rationale and logic. For reasons unknown, people seem to need chronological and sequential steps that results in the achievement of a particular goal or aspiration. Square one is conventionally viewed as the the initiation of events to come. However, oftentimes we forget, that in the long and laborious journey of life, square one is at each phase. With every mistake, failure, or misguided decision that is made, we can always begin again. You can always go back to square one.


I often rely heavily on the concept of rebirth when obstacles and adversity stump me on my path to success. When my mother was gravely ill, she spent weeks on end in the hospital. I have nearly given up on my future and all the plans that I have set forth.  It was in those difficult moments this I made the choice to go back to square one. I decided that life was too precious to keep trying to reverse the inevitable; I decided to reset my mind and begin again.


Square one is an opportunity to evaluate one’s self. It is where people can reflect their current  journey, and recharge their state of mind. I my times of sorrow and distress, I had a lot of time to reflect and plan my future. I knew that even with my mother being ill, she would want me to try my hardest to thrive in every aspect of my life. Knowing this, I went back to square one, and made my first move toward success. Much like a game of chess, each player can always retract their moves. Although it may be more difficult to progress because of the step back, that very move could be the reason for their victory.