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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

Rainbow leaves on the ground

Sharing the sidewalk with empty cigar wrappers

The street smells like cinnamon, rain, and gasoline

The air is filled with noises and screams

As children race down the street

School’s out, it’s only three

You told me to meet you at the corner

So you could grab a slice 

Before we walked through the streets, aimless

On sweater weather timing, shameless

We share a ‘rita on the piers

And watch the high school soccer games

I’d lay in muddy grass any day

As long I get to see your face

On every beautiful fall day

Do you want to meet?

We can take the E

End up in Manhattan

Wandering around 7th ave

Wondering when it will be our time

Watching as they decorate Christmas lights

Though it’s only October

The nights are getting colder

Let’s dance under the trees

And for a moment, it’ll seem like

We’re high on a mountain top, far away

Until a car horn and the smell of street food brings us back to reality.