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The Era of the Bicentennial Woman

We might be the wrong generation for a Wizard of Oz reference, but everyone should know the plot the story. If you don’t, try and keep up. Everyone traveling with Dorothy wants to ask the Wizard for something; the Scarecrow wants a brain, the lion wants courage and, here comes the punchline, the tin man wants a heart. The idea is that he’s a robot and robots do not have feelings because they are programmed to be a certain way, therefore, lacking the will of their own and any true feelings. I’m here to say that the same phenomenon is happening amongst females. We have been so harassed over emotions and weaknesses correlated with it, that the modern woman is very similar to a tin man. As you know, everyone calls this the Era of the Shots because the majority of women that are admired have been getting butt injections and lipo. This is equivalent to the fact that not only have women adopted an artificial exterior, but they have also lost their interior warmth. 

The modern woman is motivated to be the opposite of what has been expected of women for ages. She is expected to work and be able to provide for herself and her family, while still keeping the household intact. She is expected to take care of herself before anyone else, consider her own well-being while asserting her independence, and freedom to be whomever she chooses to be. Women have moved away from the stereotype of being reserved, nurturing nest builders, and instead, have taken on the roles of the modern innovators. While this is truly a step for woman-kind, it still comes with numerous negative connotations towards women. Does being headstrong and focused shed one of their sentimental and warm characteristics? In other words, is focusing on myself, building myself and my future, an indication that I am a bicentennial woman? Are we any less of a woman because we no longer focus our lives on choosing men and husbands and planning for children? 

I believe that this is merely an adaptation of new types of women arising. Women want more for their lives and prefer for it to be organized. Having a child or husband at an early age impedes a woman from making decisions that could benefit her in the long run. This generation is well aware of these repercussions and refuses to risk a bright future when they could be careful and be selfish, for once!   

Jaylene M.

Albany '20

I'm a Junior at the University at Albany majoring in Philosophy! I'm a travel enthusiast and love food and fashion!
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