When do you actually sit there and think wow, “I deserve better," this isn’t working? If your significant other is treating you like you don’t matter that’s when its time to leave. Don’t procrastinate and start making excuses. If he stops calling you to see how you are doing or doesn’t take you out anymore, then it’s time to walk away. He may say, “Babe I’m sorry I just been busy working and I’m tired all the time,” girl he is not that tired. He can make time for you, but he doesn’t want to. If you notice yourself putting your all into the relationship and he is not giving an inch, there is nothing left. The relationship has died out and it’s time to move on. The signs are so clear and can be as small as him not coming around anymore. He may text you one day, go ghost on you for a month that turns into almost a year. Ladies don’t waste your time checking the phone or stalking his social media to see what he’s doing. He is out, not thinking about you, that is what he is doing. He is showing you his true colors so believe him. If he always wants you to come to him and doesn’t reciprocate, he has to go. You don’t want to be in a selfish one-sided relationship. You need to be in an equal partnership. It needs to be 50/50 from both of you and not 20/80 or 10/90. When his behavior starts to change and he stops acting like how he did when y’all first met, then it’s time to say see ya! Leave him alone and focus on you. Someone else will come along to show you different. They will give you what you want and most importantly what you need. You may feel hurt at first because you thought he wasn’t like the other guys you’ve dated but you deserve better and better is not him. Enough is enough. You don’t want a could of, would of, should of little boy. You deserve a do the right thing man.