Embracing Our Hair


For most women, our hair is our everything. Well not everything, but you get what I'm saying. Hair isn't just something that grows out of our head. It is a part of who we are, our identity, and our beauty. Whether it is long, short, curly, straight, or even non-existent; as we go through time there are so many different hair trends and new things to do. There are also just styles that will always stick, like getting box braids or a sew in.  

There was a point in time where many African American females wouldn't wear their natural hair because according to society, our natural hair wasn't beautiful enough, too curly or just simply not good enough. We should love our kinks and curls, and wearing weaves or other protective styles doesn't mean we don't or that we don't have to. 

We are in a time where we can be ourselves and embrace every natural thing that God gave us from our hair to our toes. Whether we just did the big chop or are even transitioning, these are the personal choices that we are and should be allowed to make without the influence of others, including family, friends, and the media. There will always be people who have negative opinions no matter what we do, what we wear or how we wear our hair. We need to learn to ignore those people because the things that they don't like about us is what makes us unique and contributes to our beauty. Ladies, at the end of the day we do our thing regardless of what our hair looks like and don't let anybody tell you different. 

Throughout the years, I have seen a handful of beautiful women have their self-confidence brought down just because of something that should hold such little importance in their lives—hair. When will the disparage against what women choose to do with their hair stop?  We should all be able to live in a society where we can live freely without any backlash. With that being said, forget about everyone else's opinion and start thinking about what makes YOU happy. Amen.