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Driving at UA…Can it be better?

If there’s one thing I always say to my friends it’s “Be safe”. No matter what I always say this before we all part ways because I’m just anxious about everything, especially just having to go to school in a place like SUNY Albany, that’s so different than what I’m actually used to. The streets are different, the surroundings are different, the people are different, just everything is different. This past week when I had seen a friend’s snap saying someone had gotten hit by a car near Empire Commons I was shook. And to make matters worse, I found out it was one of my friends. She was on her way to her car when she had gotten hit by a driver. Thank goodness she was okay and she was able to leave the hospital with little to no injuries. However, what gets me upset is that the campus makes multiple changes when it comes to the way it looks but not changes that actually will protect students. Walking through the parking lot to get to Empire housing is so strenuous. Cars don’t stop that often to allow people to walk. There are very little signs, and there are barely any sidewalks for people to actually walk on. Big trucks, and buses come through the path so imagine how much damage that would cause. I love my school but all schools have room for improvement and UAlbany’s needs improvement in the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Making sure that no one gets hurt should be a high priority. I was honestly just happy that my friend was okay and no harm was done. Things could’ve been much worse, but she is doing really well. However, as a community we need to be more careful and still look out for on another.

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