Does Love at first sight exist ?

Every now and again we hear our favorite couples say, “it was love at first sight!” But can this really be? How do you fall in love someone only after gazing upon them? Is love at first sight a real phenomenon or is it just lust?

Before I write about love at first sight, there must be a clarification on the differences between lust and love. Love is a powerful feeling of attraction and care towards another person, this occurs across all cultures. While lust is a strong desire of the sexual nature that is felt towards someone. Some will say that love at first sight does exist, and other will argue that it is lust at first sight.

Calling it “love at first sight” is slightly odd. In my opinion, seeing someone for the first time does not give you enough time to decide whether you love them or not, but there may be evidence to suggest that this does occur for a few people. According to researcher Stephanie Cacioppo, there are twelve areas of your brain that light up when you fall in love, that are different than sexual desire. These areas work together to produce and release hormones and chemicals associated with falling in love. According to her all of this happens in just a fifth of a second. This may support the case for the validity of love at first sight.

It may be true that love at first sight is possible to achieve but it is not likely. In my opinion, when people are interested in someone upon meeting them it is usually because of their outward appearance rather than what is in their heart.