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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

You’re a woman now    

I was only 13    

Weighed down by expectations to hold up an illusion 

One only others could see     

Having to accept things     

About something I never asked to be     

I feel more comfortable in clothes     

Two sizes too big for me     

But they feel the need to speak     

To stare    

I can’t count how many times     

My knees became weak     

When I realized the motives of those around me     

But if I screamed 

The world would just close its eyes     

It’s just a part of womanhood 

Or that’s what everyone tries to tell me 

And so I feel safest in clothes 

Two sizes too big for me 

And why I keep space 

Between me and them

I see the motives behind their sparkling eyes  

And the silver in their tongues when they lie 

So now I won’t be accepting things 

For something only others can see