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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

They say deep breaths can slow the fastest of minds

Ones that race faster than bullet trains

Yet there’s no destination

Just empty tracks of thoughts and memories, deepest fears and silly worries

All out of reach from where I stand

Glued to the earth, I watch

My thoughts race past me

I search for the right words to say

When they ask me if I’m alright

I don’t want others to bear my burden

So I stand glued to the earth 

And watch my thoughts race past me

Like storm clouds in a hurricane

But there’s nowhere to hide

I stand frozen

Eyes wide

I search for the right words to say

To tell them I’m not alright

They say deep breaths

Can slow the fastest of minds

But sometimes

I don’t realize 

I was holding my breath the whole time