A Curly Guide: Curl Representation

With a rise in the natural hair movement, women from every background are starting to embrace their natural tresses. However, with the rise of accepting natural hair there is backlash that only a certain type of hair is being accepted. The main concern is that what is known as kinky hair are still looked down upon.

Because of this movement, curly haired influencers are steadily growing on social media and seek to give tips to their audiences about what to use and brands from all over the world use them to advertise.

But what about those with 4A-4C curls?

While there are influencers with 4A-4C hair making their way through social media, there is no doubt that there is a higher rate of those with looser curls gaining popularity and those with kinkier hair use these influencers to look for new products.

I’ve gotten into several discussion about curl representation and my friends with kinkier hair say that they still don’t know exactly what to use just by following these influencers or searching online because their type of hair isn’t being represented.

What to do?

Its important to keep in mind that regardless of curl type, everybody’s hair is different and these influencers share what works for THEM. If you’ve read the previous curly guide posts, you’ll find some tips to get to know your hair so that you’ll be able cater to your hair’s needs.

I know that it can be a drag, especially when society still isn’t accepting kinky hair as natural. It’s still seen as “messy, un-kept, or unprofessional”, even though those with a looser curl pattern are looked up to as having “amazing” hair.

Hair is hair nonetheless and no one should be looked down upon for rocking what they have.

So I’ve gathered a few influencers for my curly haired sisters to get some ideas from!

2B-2C Curls:

3A-3B Curls

4A-4C Curls: