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A Curly Girl Guide: 5 Steps to Get to Know Your Hair

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found a good hair routine that works- but, it just isn’t cutting it anymore due to the change in weather.

The most annoying part for me is having to try new products.  I don’t know if  it will work, or if it’s going to mix well with my holy grail products. Knowing your hair type, and what products you need to get the best out of your hair are essential!

Whether transitioning or being in a good state, hair changes.  It’s inevitable, but with knowledge of what your hair actually needs, you’ll have an easier time searching for products and adjusting to the weather.

You want to know your curl type.

The chart below is a good starting point. I’m personally a mix of 3b-3c curls.

Knowing your curl type is important because you are able to learn more about your hair shaft and exactly what products would suit your hair


You want to know your hair porosity level.

This is a hair strand test to see how well your hair absorbs water. Your hair, believe it or not, has tiny pores, just like your skin.

A low porosity level will have your hair strand floating on top of the water, this is because your hair doesn’t easily allow moisture in nor will it allow moisture out. Think of it as closed off. It doesn’t want the water, but it needs it. A good way to open up pores is hot water of course. Avoid layering on too many products, as this type of hair is easily weighed down.

Some things to use are:

  • Light/thin oils
  • Honey, glycerin and water based products

A normal porosity level will lay in the middle of the water, which means that it lets moisture in at a normal rate.

Lastly, a high porosity level means that your hair strand will sink to the bottom, this means that your hair is very porous and lets moisture in and out so you would have to take such measures like doing a cold rinse at the end of your hair routine to close your pores for a moisturized and healthy look.

Some things to use are:

  • Butters and creams to style
  • Aloe Vera
  • Protein Treatments

Sulfates can be a good thing once in a while.

Many hair gurus are against sulfate because it strips the hairs of its natural oils but this CAN actually be a good thing. Layering on products over time can have your hair looking limp and lifeless, using a clarifying shampoo or shampoo that contains sulfates is a good way to start off brand new, just remember to deep condition afterwards of course!

Clarifying is mostly recommended for those with low porous hair.


I can’t stress this enough! Curly girls, regardless of porosity and hair pattern, your hair gets dry. It happens and a good deep condition once or twice a week is an amazing way to rejuvenate your curls and make those curls BOUNCEEEEE!

If you have high porous hair, you want to deep condition more often.

Avoid silicones and parabens.

Sis, no, just no!

You know when you eat a burger and it smells good, but afterwards you end up regretting it and feeling not so great?  Stop putting those burgers in your hair!

It took me a while to realize that these products made some of my curls not curl up, and my pattern all out of wack.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. Don’t just stick to what others think work for their hair because what can work for their hair, may not work for yours!

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