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The “Crazy Latina” or the “Crazy Black Girl”?

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media about how it is not cute for girls to be crazy in a relationship and how girls should just be calm when they’re in a relationship with a guy. The funny thing is that most of these posts are coming from women, and especially women of color. However, at the same time seeing posts about this topic I also see the praise of dating a crazy Latina. This very much confused me and it made me feel uncomfortable.


         Is it better to date a “crazy Latina” or a crazy black girl”?

         I spoke to my cousin about this. He’s my age and is in college and he is a Black male and he also has a Spanish girlfriend. I found this shocking at first because he use to date my friend who is a Black female. When I asked him the question of which he would rather date he of course went with the “crazy Latina”.

         “Black girls are on a different type of crazy. Y’all will really do some damage to somebody. Spanish girls are different. They’re not that crazy. The most they’ll do is just be jealous and have a choice of words for you, so it’s way different.” His answer made me cringe.

         Growing up in an all-black household and having family get togethers where everyone was Black, I really thought his answer would be different.


   I’ve noticed that Latina women who are seen as crazy are seen with more sex appeal than Black women who are seen as crazy. I’ve also noticed the attraction between Latinas and African American men and this is one of the reasons. I honestly feel as though many African American men think that African American women are a little too tough for them. But my question overall is why is it that because we are trying to show love why is that considered crazy in the first place?

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