College Girl’s Guide to Balling on a Budget

It’s a new year, a new semester, and I’ve already declared that 2018 will be prosperous. One of of the things that I definitely want to prosper- is my wallet. Ladies and the awesome gents reading, living on a college campus or apartment on your own away from family really makes you appreciate what you had at home. I mean, buying toilet paper? Buying toilet paper holders? Why?

Below I’ve added some tips to help you save a few bucks, still look stylish and be self-sufficient in 2018.

1.  Do your own nails.

Okay ladies, if you’re someone who likes to have a nice set of acrylic nails done but just can’t afford to go every week or two, get a set of DIY acrylic nails. I personally tried and really liked the KISS Complete Salon Acrylic Kit. Unlike the others one from that brand, this option comes with everything including the brush, dip bowl and nail primer. You may opt to get the cheaper one that doesn’t include the items I mentioned.

Pick it up at Walmart for $15.97!

2.  Clean Up Your Own Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are the nipples to your face! Walking outside with undone eyebrows just throws off your look. I know it, you know it, strangers know it. If you have previously gotten your eyebrows professionally done, make it last for another week or two by shaving.. yes SHAVING the newly grown hairs.

No, I don’t mean with a razor that you shave your armpits. A little razor for the face will do the trick. It's easy and affordable, plus, shaving will aid in new hair growth which can lead to fuller eyebrows. If you mess up, those hairs are more likely to grow in faster.

This can also be found at Walmart for $2.62

3.  Silk Press Your Own Hair

Some of the best flat irons that I’ve used contain silk ceramic plates that make my hair look shinier, healthier, and overall help my hair to last longer. It’s less damaging to your hair since you’re not pressing the flat iron over and over again on your hair as you would with another flat iron. I’ve gotten great results on my 3b-3c curly hair with 2 swipes.

This product can be found at Walmart for $29.96

4.  Make Your Own Facemask and Hair mask

Winter=Dryness. Like, dry all over. Save money by using household items that can double as a face and hair mask.  Egg yolks, mayonnaise, olive oil, avocados… all of these items can help you beat the cold dry weather!

These products can be found found at any grocery store!