Battle of the Boroughs

The Posh Daily, a blog on campus, recently held a program called "Battle of the Boroughs". At this program there was a panel of students. One student from each borough was there to represent. They spoke about facts and stereotypes about their borough. Below are some facts and stereotypes of each borough. 

The Bronx


The Bronx is the northernmost borough.

You can go fishing in City Island, canoeing in the Bronx River and hiking in Pelham Bay Park. 

The Bronx Zoo was founded in 1899. 

Hip-hop was born in The Bronx.

Edgar Allen Poe called The Bronx home. 

The Bronx was once a part of Westchester County. 

Capitol Dome and Lincoln Monumnet were made in The Bronx. 

Co-op City is the largest housing complex in the country with 15,000 apartments. 

The Bronx was founded by Jonas Bronck in 1636. He was a farmer. 

Home to the NY Yankees (Go team!)

Ruben Diaz Jr. is the Borough President. 


The Bronx is dirty and dangerous. 

Dudes from The Bronx can't dress. 

Everyone from The Bronx eats "chopped cheese"

They wear winter coats two sizes too big. 




Brooklyn is also known as Kings County. 

There are approximately 2.5 million residents. 

It's the 7th most populous county in the United States. 

Brooklyn is physically located on Long Island, but not a part of it. 

Frederick Law Olmstead who designed Central Park also designed Prospect Park. 

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspenison bridgs in the U.S.

Motto: In Unity There Is Strength.

Eric L. Adams is the Borough President

There is a lot of culture in Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn is home to the new and improved Kings Theatre, Barclay's Center and Ikea. 


Brooklyn is extremely dirty. 

The girls share clothes amongst their friends. 

It's not safe morning, noon and night. 

There is a church on every street. 




Manhattan can be seen May 28 and July 12. That's when the sunset aligns with the grid of Manhattan streets. 

Times Square uses 161 megawats of electricity every year. 

Times Square is names after the New York Times building. 

It costs $1 million to be licensed to operate a cab. 

The Empire State Building has its own zip code, 10118. 

Women can go topless and it's legal. 

Manhattan has eight islands. 

Liberty Island is home to the Statue of Liberty.

The M&M store is the largest candy store in NYC.

Harlem is pretty awesome. 


You have to be rich to live here. 

No one lives in Soho. 

The people here are rude and bougie. 




The 7 train is the cleaneast train in the Subway system. 

Queens Center Mall is a nice mall. 

Largest borough by size. 

Two airports: JFK&LaGuardia. 

Home to Shea Stadium where the NY Mets play. 

Fastest subway lines are from Queens (E and F). 

LeFrak City: Large apartment complex with 40 acres and 14,000 residences. 





Staten Island


Staten Island is between Brooklyn and New Jersey. 

Also known as Richmond County. 

60 square miles of area. 

There is a Staten Island Ferry. 

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connect Staten Island and Brooklyn. 

It's a mostly residential borough. 

Largest garbage disposal site in New York. 

Largest park in the city. 



Is this even a borough? What goes on here?