Back to School Studying Tips

It's that time of the year again. Everyone is heading back to school, including you! After a long summer of not having to stress about school and grades, it is time to get back into study mode. Here are some study tips to help you do the best this academic school year.

1) Review your notes before and after class. It is important to remember what you learned the class before because your professor will most likely ask questions about it. Also, this tip is useful because it will help you retain the information.

2) Go to office hours. Many students do not take advantage of this. Professors are here to watch you succeed, not fail their class! Although this is not really a study tip, this can help you excel in any course.

3) Read your textbooks. Students choose to not buy textbooks at times. This is a bad decision because if a professor is telling you to buy a textbook, it is for a reason. Reading is important but it goes more in depth than what your professor has taught throughout class.

4) Study throughout the week. "Cramping" the night before the exam is never good. It causes stress for you and is not healthy. Studying throughout the week will also help you retain information easier.

5) Study groups can be extremely useful. However, this only helps if you are studying with people who are serious about excelling on the exam. This method can be the most useful if you are good at working with other people because it is interactive. Studies prove that when students interact with others, they are able to retain more information.

Doing well in school is something many college students struggle to achieve. The stress of knowing that our grades can affect our future is stressful. Should college students' future depend strictly on their grades? Is this a proper form of seeing how successful an individual will be in their future?