An Argument for Laziness

Caution, this is all satirical!


For centuries on end mankind has grappled with the tyrannical  powers of laziness. Many have fallen under the hex of its influence and have never been victorious in their attempts to ascend from its dominion. The complexity, that is ordinarily left out when trying to comprehend the self- perpetuating cycle of being lazy, it is often forgotten that lethargy is in our human nature. It is part of who we are and how we were manufactured. The unwillingness to do work or use energy and consciously withhold from all activities is not an act that should be frowned upon, but a process that must be praised, for it is a virtue. Although many people, beginning with myself, believe laziness is due to lack of self- motivation and caution against it; there are infinite benefits of being lazy. A simplistic and pure meditation of satisfaction in postponing all responsibilities until the appointed time is a desire that we all have.

One particular instance when I correctly utilize my skill of laziness was on the eve of my music final two years prior. This historical event is an accomplishment I am immensely proud of; not because I completed a year's work in a matter of minutes, but because I was able to apply my “negative” trait for my own benefit. On the very first week of school music teacher had warned all his students that the final exam would consist of solo performances, specifically the circle of fifths; the twelve arranges scales that consist of all the frequently used notes in music. As a naive youngster at the time, I truly wanted to embark on my new era of maturity by straying away from my familiar mixture of laziness and procrastination. However certain circumstances such as my addiction to Netflix, and my snug bed stopped me from doing so. By June I had been strategically avoiding any work that corresponded with school. Fast forward to the Sunday night before my solo performance, I decided that it would be a splendid idea to finally look at the scales and begin to prepare. Little did I know that they would be impossible to play without several weeks of training and preparation. Consequently, on the following Monday I went into full fledged panic. With a combination of my profuse sweating, uncontrollable quivering hands, and lack of everything, the performance was terrible to say the least. Being the kind and gracious teacher that he was, I was fully excused from suffering a failing grade that year, under the conditions that I would be completely prepared the following year. That day was a classic example of how laziness is a great tool to have contrary to the popular opinion of the trait. Not that  I would recommend avoiding all responsibilities, but once in a while (key words, once in a while) it may come in handy.

Due to a lifetime of experience with laziness, I have grown to appreciate its qualities and perks. Despite the several negative aspects that come along with being lazy, the amount of beneficial aspects trumps all the others. There are several characteristics in life that we often time look over, however laziness should not be one of them.