American Dream Series: Equal Opportunity

Let’s talk about it.

The world is rapidly losing its individualistic cultures day by day. American mega companies such as McDonalds, Nike, and Disney have constructed a whimsical external illusion that draws the attention of millions. The falsity associated with the globalization of American culture is a huge problem that has yet to be addressed. Now let’s be clear. There are numerous commendable and heroic initiatives that have been taken by several organizations that provide educational, financial, and social opportunities to the less fortunate. Nevertheless, that is not the reality for the bulk of minorities in the country.


Thousands of families and eager individuals immigrate to the United States each year in hopes of a better life and future. After all, the American Dream heavily advertises that there is “equal opportunity” readily available for all who want it. People believe the myth. People from all over the world believe that if they just save enough money to come to the United States, they will be able to get a good education, find a job, and enter the realm of prosperity. Many citizens who have been living and financially contributing to the country for decades are not able to receive a valuable and affordable education or a job themselves, let alone a foreigner.


If you know anything about America today, you know that equal opportunity is a distant dream that has never, and probably will never be achieved. The truth is, if you are a man, you are more likely to attain a high paying job over a woman who is equally qualified. However, if you are black man your chances plummet and women, specifically white women, are more likely to receive the job. The entire game changes when immigrants and people with disabilities are introduced. Immigrants are considered the minority of the minorities, and their likelihood of attaining a high paying job over the competition is so slim it’s disheartening. People often judge and discriminate against those who do not fit the idealized look of a traditional American. That is not equal opportunity.

Why is it that those who are wealthy have a greater advantage than those who were raised in middle class family or a low income family? Why is there such a discrepancy between the educational quality of white children versus Black and Latino children in the country? The answer to these issues is quite simple, but they are repeatedly ignored by legislation, the American people, and even the suffering individuals themselves. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, there is no equal opportunity.