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An Addition to Ariana Grande’s Moonlight

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albany chapter.

The sun is setting

And you’re still here by my side

It’s been 3 years now

But you still give me butterflies.

Every look, every touch

I want this moment forever

But baby we’re adults now

And we don’t get to enjoy these pleasures.

I remember when we met

It was a cold night in December

And the moon was shining on you, perfectly

Enough for me to know this was love.

And you held me gently, just like

The moon holds the sun

It was kind of fitting.

Since I’m a Leo 

And though you’re not a Cancer

I saw the moonlight in your heart.

It glowed brighter than the stars

And I never knew

You could hold moonlight in your hands.

Till the night I met you

You were no celebrity

But that’s not something I need.

So 3 years later

Here we are

And I still get butterflies

When you hold me like moonlight in your hands.