9 Ways You're Just Like Buddy the Elf During Finals Week


1.Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who doesn’t understand. 

 The same way Buddy feels when he can’t build toys like the other elves is how you feel when you don’t understand the latest topic like the rest of your class does.  


2. You get really excited about coffee… even if you don’t actually like it. 

WORLD’S BEST COFFEE! Coffee is every college student’s savior, whether you like it or not. You can drink it sweet the way Buddy likes it or straight up black. 


3. You’re great at procrastination. 

Buddy would do whatever it takes to avoid going up the escalator the same way you’re great at avoiding doing your actual work. 


4. As much as you hate all-nighters, it feels good to see your finished work. 

If Buddy can stay up all night to decorate a Christmas store, then you can do the same to study for tests and write papers. When you’re done, you can stand back and admire your work. 


5. You constantly put junk in your body. 

The college diet is anything but. Instant ramen and unhealthy snacks are what you might call a balanced meal. As bad as that is, anything is healthier than candy and maple syrup for breakfast. 


6. You barely get sleep anymore but you’ve learned to accept it. 

If 40 minutes of sleep is good enough for Buddy the Elf, then it’s probably good enough for you too. In fact, you probably get just as excited. 


7. You end up partying instead of doing actual work. 

Buddy can sure break it down in the mailroom when he’s avoiding doing actual work. I’m sure you have been guilty of partying when you should be studying, but hey, who says you can’t have a little fun. 


8. You begin to miss home more than ever. 

There comes a time during finals week when you suddenly feel homesick. Home sounds as good to you as the North Pole sounds to Buddy the Elf.  


9.Once it’s all over, you get your spirit back. 

Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, Christmas spirit was restored for Buddy and everyone else. The same goes for finals week. It may feel like you’re about to break down at any moment, but it’ll all be over soon so you can be the happy kid you once were.