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3 Must Haves for The Fall

Ah, autumn.  Finally- the weather is getting cooler.  The nights are getting longer, and your 24 hour foundation is finally being put to use.  Say goodbye to short shorts, and hello to big sweaters.  

Fall is great for dark lippies, and ColourPop- a makeup company based out of Los Angeles, fits right within the average college girl’s budget.  Lipsticks go for $5-$6, compared to an average $17 for one lipstick by MAC.  For those who are balling on a budget like myself, Colourpop is a life saver.     

Colourpop lippies have a bunch of variety- offering ultra matte, ultra satin, ultra glossy, and ultra metallic shades, coming in colors as vibrant as teal, and as classic as red.  When you subscribe to their site, you get $5 off with a promotion code, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.  The best part about ColourPop?  They’re cruelty free!  Here are some of my favorite lippies for the fall:

Who doesn’t love a deep red?  A lot of people are scared to try red, but this is something dark enough that will work for everyone, while still being bold with personality.  


This warm hue will make your day 10x better.  Definitely my personal favorite!


Last but certainly not least, is Kween, this beautiful metallic shade.  This is something daring for me, and I wouldn’t call it an everyday shade, but it’s definitely perfect for one of those days where you feel like spicing up your regular makeup look.

With more than just affordable lipsticks to offer, make sure to check Colourpop out, you won’t be disappointed!

Chineze, is the former President of Her Campus Albany (2016-2018). Keep up with with her on Instagram: @browneyedblues, and subscribe to her YouTube channel! youtube.com/c?browneyedblues
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