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3 Facts about Cover Girl’s first male spokesmodel

This week, CoverGirl proudly introduced their first male spokesmodel.  17-year-old James Charles is the face of the brand’s new “So Lashy!” mascara.  CoverGirl chooses brand ambassadors who are “role models and boundary-breakers,” and they feel that James is an inspiration. (Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a5274659/male-covergirl-james-charles/).  Although men do have a small presence in the beauty industry, it is a field that is still largely dominated by women.   It’s also a highly competitive industry- there are countless beauty bloggers on the web.  James Charles’ unique looks and bold personality makes him a strong pick for CoverGirl.  Aside from being a teenage boy shattering gender roles, here are some of the other things that make James such an amazing choice for a beauty brand.

1. He’s only been doing makeup for a year.

A few days ago, James posted a side-by-side comparison of his first makeup attempt and his improvement since then.  His transformation as an artist is incredible, but what really caught my attention was that his “before” picture is only a year old!  Not to mention, his throwback picture is already beautiful.  Since he started out last year, he’s accumulated over 595,000 followers on Instagram, and of course, incredible opportunities. 

2. He made sure his makeup popped in his senior photos.

When James received his school photos for his senior year, he wasn’t too satisfied with how they came out.   Due to the lighting, the hard work that he put into his makeup didn’t make the statement that he had hoped for.  In an attempt to showcase his artistry, he requested to retake his senior photos.  Not only was he satisfied with his pictures the second time around, but he also went viral.  He’s definitely proud of his craft, as he should be! (Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriasanusi/this-teen-retook-his-senior-year-photo-to-make-sure-his-high?utm_term=.ah1yzRqYPq#.rnWrYGldRl)

3. He nails a wide variety of looks.

James utilizes the entire color spectrum in his work.  Although his makeup is far from basic, some of his looks are subtle enough for everyday inspiration.  His more dramatic makeup is absolutely stunning.  

Be sure to follow James on Instagram @jamescharlesbeauty!





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