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2017 Oscar Review

Last Sunday was the 2017 Oscar Award Ceremony; A televised event in which many of the previous year’s movies, actors and actresses are nominated for one of the highest honors in Hollywood. The event took place in Los Angeles and was hosted by tv host Jimmy Kimmel. Although Jimmy promised to try and do a great job at hosting, things still managed to get a little out of hand at the end of the night!

Best Moments:

1. Gary from Chicago

One of the highlights from the Oscar’s definitely had to be Gary from Chicago. Gary was amongst a few tourist who got the one in a lifetime chance to go to the academy awards and meet some of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. Other than receiving a few seconds of fame on camera, Gary quickly became an internet sensation because of a very brief conversation he had with Jimmy Kimmel during his time at the awards. Jimmy Kimmel said “Gary, it seems like you’re skipping over all the white celebrities” to which Gary responded, “ Yes, yes I am”.  The conversation was quickly memed and become the talk of social media for the rest of the show.

2. Viola Davis received her first Oscar!

Another highlight from Sunday night’s award show was when Viola Davis won her first Oscar for supporting actress in “Fences” featuring Denzel Washington. Looking amazing in her red dress Viola delivered an amazing speech, after which she received a standing ovation. Her win lands her a page in the history books because she is now the first Black Woman to receive an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony for acting, although Whoopi Goldberg is also an Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner she received her awards for producing not acting.

Worst Moment:

The Oscars had some pretty great and genuine moments last Sunday but nothing compared to the mishap that occurred at the end of the night. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced “La la land” as the winners of the best picture award when in fact the winners were “Moonlight”. The “La la land” cast although very upset and confused by the mistake, handled the ordeal in a very professional way. They kindly stepped off the stage and handed the mic and oscar to the moonlight cast.

We love you, Ryan Gosling! 

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