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10 Signs You Go to UAlbany

You Know You Go To UAlbany When You Have…

1. A Love/ Hate Relationship with the Tunnels                          

In the winter months you run to the tunnels to escape the wicked wind and piercing cold temperatures outside, but when you get down there you complain it’s too hot.

2. Free T-Shirts

You have a drawer full of free UAlbany t-shirts that you only wear to bed or the gym. Go Great Danes!

3. Shuttle Bus Confusion

Nobody ever knows where the shuttle bus is going. “Are you going to Freedom?” No! The sign clearly says Alumni/Western Avenue Shuttle.

4. A Housing Fight

It’s survival of the fittest when it comes to getting the housing you want. Your lottery number can be the difference between Empire and Freedom, or a suite with a bathroom on Dutch, or a communal bathroom on Colonial. 

5. Confusing Doors

No one ever knows which way to open the door. No matter how long you’ve been attending UA, you’ll never remember which way to push the door. It’s best to press the handicap button or walk behind someone and let them open the door so you don’t look dumb.

6. Annoying Lecture Center (LC) Chairs

They’re noisy, they don’t give you enough room to sit down, some of them are broken. What is it? The LC chairs. Too many times have I seen someone fall out of their chair or have been unable to hear when the professor is lecturing because the chairs keep creaking. Enough is enough. We want new chairs!

7. The Fountain

Well that took forever, but we love it. We just want fountain day back! The fountain in the middle of the podium is beautiful. When winter is over and they turn the fountain on, what a wonderful day that will be. 

8. The Delicious Food….Not!

Too many times have my friends and I gotten sick because of the food. And does anyone remember “mothgate”? I don’t think that student ordered a side of moth on her salad. Hamburgers aren’t fully cooked, the sandwiches are never right, and there’s never a variety. The struggle is real. 

9. The Dreaded Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are great….when you’re not home and sleeping at 3 in the morning. How many times are you going to burn popcorn and why are you popping corn at 3AM on a Wednesday? I know you have class at 8:45 so please stop.

10.UAlbany Song by Neil Roche

“ I go to SUNY U of A and I ******* love it.” This catchy song just sums up UAlbany Student Life. At least once in your undergraduate life you’ve had to hear this song, danced to it, or found yourself humming the tune while doing your homework.

Edited by Toni Moy

(Picture Sources: Flickr.com, images.footballfanatics.com, albany.edu, Tumblr, Youtube, Foursquare.com, quickmeme.com)

Tabia is a senior at SUNY University at Albany. She is studying Journalism with a minor in History and Africana Studies. She would love a career in Journalism as an Arts and Entertainment Reporter. She wants to go to graduate school in her native New York City or Boston, Massachusetts. In her spare time she likes to dance, sing, watch new shows on Hulu and read Her Campus articles. She is currently the Podium Perspective Director and a Staff Writer for the Albany Student Press and a founding member of Kappa Alpha Pi. Go Danes!
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