Vines I Still Quote Regularly

Even though Vine has been down since 2016, I still find myself quoting old vines almost daily. There are certain situations I find myself in that I almost always quote the same one. Here are some of the favorites that I still use today. 

  1. 1. When I Drive Through Construction

    I think this one fits all construction occasions. I wish more people referenced this one.

  2. 2. When Someone Does Something Disappointing

    I've told so many people they're "Just. Like. Ya. Fatha" without ever actually knowing their dads. If I have, I promise I wasn't judging your dad, just making fun of a duck in an obscure way.

  3. 3. Every Time I say "Hello"

    If I sound anything like this guy when greeting you, I'm definitely quoting him.

  4. 4. Every Time I Feel Betrayed

    I find myself gasping and saying "Judas."

  5. 5. When I'm Confronted by Honest Truths About Myself

    When my friends point out my obvious flaws––like leaving half cups of tea all over the house––I definitely spit this one out at them.

  6. 6. If Christmas is Ever Brought Up, No Matter the Time of Year

    This one makes me giggle every time.

  7. 7. When Things In My Life Don't End Up As I'd Hoped

    I always try to take things as positively as I can. I react to most of my biggest life problems with this Vine.

  8. 8. When I'm Confused by Actions America as a Whole Has Taken

    I think there have been many moments where we look to the U.S.A. and think "Why?" And this Vine really comes to mind every time that moment arises (which is often).

  9. 9. Halloween

    Halloween is my favorite holiday, so of all the holidays, I bring this one up the most. And it's almost always followed by some sort of commentary on bats.

  10. 10. Every Time I Talk to My Dog

    For some reason my brain believes this is the only way that dogs communicate, but hey, my dog always seems to get excited when I greet her with a "Bah!"

  11. 11. When Men In My Life Talk About Sports

    I do not understand 90 percent of sports, unless it's hockey or soccer. I have no clue what is being said. I think this vine plays on repeat every time the guys in my office bring up the latest basketball game.

  12. 12. How I Feel Basically All of the Time

    I think this vine is just a great representation of how I deal with the huge load of responsibilities I have at all times.