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Last Thursday’s Episode of “Legacies” Revealed Damon and Elena Had a Daughter and Her Name Will Have You Drowning in Tears

Attention team Delena: last week’s Legacies episode will fill that TVD sized hole in your heart. The episode, fittingly titled, “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Come True,” grants every Delena happy-ever-after fantasy you’ve been imagining since The Vampire Diaries left us crying in the club when the show ended in 2017 as Damon and Elena had just begun the the start of their human lives together.  


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The Vampire Diaries’ second spinoff follows the next generation of Mystic Falls’ supernatural youth. In the show’s 10th episode, Lizzie Saltzman explored alternate universes by wishing upon a Genie. Wishing away the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, Lizzie found herself and Josie attending Mystic Falls High School alongside Stefanie Salvatore—clearly named in honor of Damon’s late brother, Stefan—BRB while I bawl my eyes out. While we did not actually get to meet Stefanie in this episode, I’m holding onto hope that we will in the future.

Stefanie is not the only Delena baby, as the Legacies episode alluded to the fact that Damon and Elena have “kids [plural] of their own.” Should the Salvatore children ever discover a supernatural gene (perhaps another doppelganger?), we know Alaric would welcome them to his school with open arms. If not, they would likely rival the school as Timberwolves at Mystic Falls High.


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It is not likely that Damon or Elena will make appearances in the spinoff, but we have been lucky to see a few original TVD characters come back as special guests. Early in the season, we got to see Steven R. McQueen come back as Jeremy Gilbert, expert vampire hunter, and Matt Donovan as the Mystic Falls sheriff. Caroline Forbes, Lizzie and Josie’s mother, has yet to be seen, but is certainly name-dropped in every other episode.

Julie Plec, AKA mother of all things Vampire Diaries and its spinoffs, spilled about the recently-human couple to CinemaBlend. “I know that Damon and Elena are still together. Like if you guys go visit Covington, Georgia where we shoot Mystic Falls— there’s a storefront that says Dr. Elena Salvatore. It’s a family clinic. So, she has her family clinic in the town square. You know I think when Damon and Elena finally had children, they’d be younger kinds by now. So maybe the spinoff of this spinoff can be the Salvatore children.” So, basically Plec is saying the TVD-verse is as immortal as its vampires and I’m totally okay with that.

Tune into new episodes of Legacies on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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