I Bought Skincare from an Instagram Ad and My Skin is Thriving

Normally, I'm not one to fall for sponsored Instagram ads promising some life changing skin, hair, body or any other kind of revolution. For some reason though, when the Averr Aglow post appeared in the midst of my scrolling, it caught my eye.




I am always excited and grateful when I read reviews from you guys. I never imagined my bad skin would turn into this whole following of wonderful customers and advocates. I truly appreciate your support in this clean beauty journey. .. .. We recently received this review and wanted to share how our kit works for problematic skin. .. .. “I've been an Averr Aglow customer now for over 2 years. This kit has completely turned my skin around. Every month I could count on blackheads, pimples, and annoying cystic acne to pop up with a firey passion. Ever since starting this kit, my acne has decreased, the timeframe of it hanging around became shorter and now my skin rarely has a serious blemish. Between the cleanser (my favorite), the overnight mask (2nd favorite) and the other balancing products in this kit I hope to never use anything else ever again. Loyal for life. Thank you Cami & your previous skin problems :)” - Rachel D.

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Maybe it was the aesthetically pleasing baby pink, rose gold packaging or the use of all-natural, plant based ingredients. When I tapped to view their profile, I saw that the line was created by an everyday girl who was fed up with breakouts. She tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. So, naturally, she went full mad scientist mode and researched and created her own skincare line. 



✨We have two boosters you can use with our Clear Skin Kit. One is our Perfectionist Serum. It is a decadent blend of cold pressed, dense nutrient oils including the fantastic ingredient - prickly pear. 🍐 .. .. I love Prickly pear because of how rich it is in vitamin E (more than argan) and omegas. This potent super oil is an excellent addition if you are looking for a brighter, smoother complexion. Once I cleared my breakouts this serum took my skin to a buttery, glowing state.✨ .. This serum works to turn over skin cells allowing new collagen resulting in that coveted Instagram, dewy complexion. It is a beautiful addition before the clear skin elixir or just on its own before bed to give your skin the boost it needs to take skin to the next level. Goodbye irritated skin, hello glow!💦

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Camille did her homework and discovered why skincare products on the market have not worked. She found four key issues with these products. First, she discovered that exfoliation can actually be done incorrectly. Exfoliating is important, but harsh, chemical exfoliators can do more harm than good.

Second, a lot of cleansers are just stripping your skin rather than killing bad bacteria and leaving the good. The natural ingredients in the Averr Aglow products like hawthorn berry and tea tree oil target and kill bad bacteria only.

Her third and arguably most important discovery is that your skincare needs to balance your natural oils. Your products have to mimic your skin's naturally produced oils. "This will balance every skin type out leaving you with a perfectly hydrated glow," she said on AverrAglow.com

Her last finding was the importance of good nutrition for the skin––and she's not talking about eating. Your skin absorbs the nutrients in everything from your cleanser to your moisturizer, so it is important that these are made from natural plant and mineral-based ingredients. Camille said that the reason a lot of market products are ineffective are because they actually only address one or two of these four factors. 

Camille took her research and went HAM creating her baby, Averr Aglow, which aims to do the following; even skin-tone and heal scarring, balance oily, combination and dry skin, detox the skin, give a radiant glow, and fights acne and prevents breakouts, all while using natural and organic ingredients. 

Averr Aglow does not mess around. They offer a total of nine different products as well as two starter kits. Being the broke college student that I am, I did not jump the gun and head straight for the $100+ starter kit, when all I was in the market for was a cleanser and moisturizer. (Though that does not mean this won't be my first purchase come summer paychecks). 

The two products I personally purchased were the Radiant Cleansing Nectar, which is actually step two in the kit, and the Flawless Nourishment Cream, which is number four in the kit. As someone who has always used water in my face-washing routine, I was a little nervous to try a cleanser that did not require rinsing, suds or foaming. After all, haven't we all heard that warm water opens up the pores?



#TipTuesday ✨ When dealing with problematic skin, it is vital to keep skin from feeling too dry. If your skin feels dry after cleansing, your oil glands will just produce more sebum, leaving you oily and blotting your face by noon, Unfortunately, bad bacteria loves this sebum and clogs pores. .. ... When using daily face washes that require you to soap and rinse your face, you are striping the sebum off of your skin. If this occurs, it is important to provide hydration back into the skin so it does not go into overdrive producing more sebum and creating more clogged pores. .. .. That’s why we have designed a face cleanser that removes dirt, makeup, and grime without the need to rinse your face afterwards, leaving the nutrient-rich oils on your face to provide you with a fantastic fresh, clear glow and to balance oily skin so sebum won’t go into overdrive on you. . . . #allskintypes #acneproblems #betterskin #cleanbeauty #facecare #greatskincare #loveyourskin #acnefree #acnetreatment #noparabens #acnecontrol #skincareregimen #acnescars #skincarelover #acnecure #acnehelp #acneproneskin #smoothskin #womenbusiness #skinhealth #clearskin #radientskin #radientcleansingnectar

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I was also skeptical of the moisturizer because this too was unlike anything I was used to using every day. Instead of a lotion or cream, the moisturizer is more of a solid oil that warms and liquefies when it contacts the skin.




#tiptuesday 🚫Breakout & Oily Skin Myth 🚫 I see a lot of misinformation on breakouts all the time and something that continues to pop up is hormonal breakouts and their nature. ✨ ✨ When there is an over abundance of certain hormones, your pores start to produce oil. Think oily skin or combo. ✨ ✨ When this oil in your pores is produced, it mixes with the bacteria already found on your face and creates a clogged pore. The more your hormones increase internally, the more this oil produces in your pores leading to more breakouts. This is where cystic acne comes in. More hormones produced = more oil produced in your pores, which fills up your tiny pore, which is easily clogged. This is true for breakouts, blackheads, and cystic breakouts. ✨ ✨ So one of the keys to getting breakouts under control is to balance the oil. However, you do not want to strip the skin because all the skin does is retaliate and produce more oil. ✨ ✨ By applying oils to your skin, you trick it into thinking it has enough oil and doesn't produce more oil even when hormones increase! This is ideal because acne causing bacteria doesn't spread in plant oils, only your naturally produced oil. You don't need much oil either, just enough to make skin feel hydrated. ✨ ✨ If you have ever used astringent skincare or oil free products and all it did was dry you out and make you oily by mid-day, the above is why this is happening and why you seem to get nowhere. ✨ ✨ Our complete Clear Skin Kit balances this bacteria and oil so you can go worry free if your hindering this process. ✨ ✨ Let me know in the comments if you have tried other products that dried you out but you still couldn't get your oiliness under control. This was a problem of mine that never made sense to me and my skin looked terrible. 😑

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I'm the type of person who would rather just skip a shower than have no moisturizer to relieve that ungodly tight, dry feeling on my skin, so I was ready to be unimpressed with a moisturizer that doesn't even look like a lotion. Whenever I branch out and try a new moisturizer, I am usually greeted with this way too dry, apply it five times to feel hydrated feeling, or the wow, I look like I was just baptized in olive oil look.

Despite being, ahem James Charles moment, sister spooked, I went ahead and gave these two a go, the reviews were too good not to try it. I have only been using the products for less than a week, but I am already so happy with my decision. First off, I am lazy. If I am in bed and comfy, there's a good chance I won't get up and go to the bathroom to wash my face before bed, even though I know I should. The fact that I can wash my face with the Radiant Cleansing Nectar with a cotton pad (included with purchase) while laying in bed is actually life changing. I have not skipped a wash since I've been using it. 

The moisturizer had me shook as well. I felt neither dry and tight, nor oily. My skin felt this weird sensation that I can only describe as...normal? Like my skin has not gotten oily at all since I've started using these products, but it also has felt perfectly hydrated the whole time. Bonus––the hydrating oil can double as a lip balm. 

I will definitely be trying more of Averr Aglow's products in the future and who am I kidding, I'm about to purchase the whole entire kit. The Clear Skin Kit comes with the two products I purchased, as well as the first step, the Clarifying Hydration Dew, and the third step, the Clear Skin Elixir. Keeping how much I like the products on their own in mind, I can't wait to enjoy the magic of the whole family working together.